HV Photomultiplier Power Supply Range

Power Bases
The power supplies in this range generate all the dynode potentials directly, eliminating the need for voltage divider networks. Power consumption can be as low as 50mW compared with 1W for a modular power supply with resistive divider. The sleep mode feature on all Power Base supplies provides further energy saving. The output voltage can be disabled by grounding the control line, thereby reducing the power consumption.

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Modular Power Supplies

This range of compact, modular, dc to dc power supplies is recommended where cost and space restrictions are important. The range has been designed with the needs of instrument manufacturers in mind.

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Bench Top Power Supplies

Bench Top power supplies are recommended for research and laboratory use. They offer flexibility in terms of voltage range and output polarity. These are stand-alone units which all feature an output voltage display.

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Multichannel Supplies

Sens-Tech offers remotely controlled, multi-channel, photomultiplier Power supply systems.

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Custom Made Power Supplies

Sens-Tech designs and manufactures precision high voltage power supplies which are used in a range of industrial, medical and research applications.

Where a standard power supply will not satisfy your requirements, Sens-Tech can modify an existing product or provide you with a new design, either as a stand-alone unit or part of proprietary circuitry.

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