XDAS detector boards V3

The XDAS X-Ray Data Acquisition System provides a highly flexible means of creating an array of linear X-rays sensors, read out in digital format. The XDAS-V3 and V3-9000 version replace XDAS-V2 and provides many new features. The XDAS-V2 version remains available.


• Minimum scan time of 10µs per board.
• 42.7µs minimum scan time in continuous operation.
• 16-bit output (18-bit for 9000 series)
• Up to 36000:1 SNR
• Programmable dynamic range from 1.875pC to 60pC.
• Single and dual energy versions
• 5keV to 1.4MeV
• Wide choice of detector types in stock: Gadox, CsI, CdWO4, GOS Ceramic scintillators or bare silicon.
• 0.4mm, 0.8mm, 1.6mm and 2.5mm detector pitch
• Facility for 1, 2 and 4 sub-samples
• 16-bit output (18-bit for 9000 series)

Processor interfaces:

• USB2 (max cable length 5m).
• GIGE (max cable length 100m, this can be extended to >1km with fibre optic link).
• PCI7300A via SCSI (max cable length 50m).
• Camera Link. (max cable length 10m).

Power supply requirements:

• 9V to 30V for V3 standard series.
• 4.9V to 5.5V for V3-9000 series.

Environmental specification:

• Temperature (operating) 0°C to +60°C
• Humidity (non-condensing) 93% at 30°C
• Pressure for transportation, withstands pressure reductions from 100kPa (1 bar) to 68kPa (0.68 bar)

Control signals:

Scan time, number of sub-samples and detector head board gain is controlled from the processor. An external trigger input (nScan) is also provided if required.


Users will be required to use their independent software applications to provide system control, data acquisition and image processing. To assist in this task a XAPI is available. Standard software is supplied to permit basic operation and evaluation of the system. The software enables single lines of data to be acquired and stored, data acquisition time to be set, and offset and gain correction to be applied.

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product seriespitch (mm)integration
input range 
interface type statusdata
XDAS-V3-90002.51054.9 - 5.5VUSB2 or GIGE available now
XDAS-V3-90001.61054.9 - 5.5VUSB2 or GIGE available now
XDAS-V3-90001.21054.9 - 5.5VUSB2 or GIGE available now
XDAS-V3-90000.81054.9  5.5VUSB2 or GIGE available soon
XDAS-V3-9000 0.41054.9 - 5.5VUSB2 or GIGE available soon
XDAS-V32.5439 - 30VUSB2, GIGE,
Camera-Link or PCI 7300A
 available now
XDAS-V31.6439 - 30VUSB2, GIGE, Camera-Link or PCI 7300A available now
XDAS-V30.8439 - 30VUSB2, GIGE, Camera-Link or PCI 7300A available now
XDAS-V3 0.4439 - 30VUSB2, GIGE, Camera-Link or PCI 7300A available now
XDAS-V3-HE2, 4 ,8439 - 30VUSB2, GIGE, Camera-Link or PCI 7300A available now 

Pitch: Other pitches are available upon request.
Integration time: Up to 10uS is available to special order.
Scintillator types: Bare Si, Gadox, Gadox Fast, CSI, CdWO4, GOS & ZnSe.
Configuration: Same side stacked and double sided detectors.
Also small footprint detector and signal processing board.