Scientific Inspection and Detection

Photon detecting in high energy physics to better understand the universe around us

Our scientific detection solutions are developed in close collaboration with our customers.

Whatever your application, requirement, specification or lead time Sens-Tech’s huge inventory and range of photomultiplier tube modules and high voltage power supplies allow research projects to progress quickly and on budget. Our scientific detection solutions are developed in close collaboration with our customers.

Scientific applications

X-ray Diffraction Detectors

X-ray counting systems, with photomultiplier/scintillator and signal processing, provide a 10MHz X-ray count rate capability for diffractometers on bench top instruments or synchrotron beamlines.

Particle Counting/Sizing

Many pharmaceutical and electronics industrial processes have to be carried out in dust free conditions, a particle counter is essential to monitor the amount of airborne particles.

Life Sciences Instrumentation

Luminescence, chemi-luminescence and fluorescence techniques are extensively used in clinical medical research testing, and their application in the food, pharmaceutical and life science industries is growing.

High Energy Physics

Where clusters or arrays of photomultiplier tubes are used, Sens-Tech is able to offer remotely controlled, multi-channel, photomultiplier power supply systems.

Electron Microscopy

An electron microscope can be used to examine objects such as viruses which are too small to be seen with a conventional microscope.

Confocal Microscopy

The principle of confocal imaging is that light is only collected from the part of the specimen which is in focus.

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