Checked And Hold Baggage Screening

The XDAS system can be used in both X-ray linescan and CT systems, providing multi-row or multi-view capability.

XDAS system

The modular construction makes the system well suited for use in large ‘L’ shaped detectors. Excellent signal-to-noise is achieved and 16-bit data is output to a processor via a range of interfaces.

Highly compact detector boards are available for mounting on a detector gantry for CT applications. A multi-view signal processing card enables up to 6 views to be connected into a single card. Detector pitches of 1.6mm and 2.5mm are available.

XDAS products


Pitch (mm)

Integration time (us)

Input range (volts)

Interface type

Detector format

Data Sheet




9 - 30V

USB2, GIGE, Camera-Link or PCI 7300A

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