Detect and measure the most challenging of materials inline for seperation, removal and process control

Our industrial X-ray detection solutions are developed in close collaboration with our customers.

The key to the designs is precision, whether finding microscopic metal fragments in food, verifying the thickness and composition of wood, metal or other raw materials or identifying different types of plastic in waste.

Industrial applications

Oil Well Logging

In the search for new oil deposits and mapping their extent, a number of measurements are made down test bore holes and even while drilling a hole.

Waste Sorting

There is an increasing requirement to sort reclaimed materials, both plastic and metallic.

Bio-Fuel Sorting

Waste material for bio-mass incinerators can be inspected with X-rays on-line.

Wood Inspection

X-ray inspection systems are used for inspection both of logs and sawn timber.

Quality Control

X-ray and optical inspection techniques are important in quality control of products produced in a continuous process.

Glass Inspection

Glass for windows is produced in a giant crucible and flows in a continuous strip until it cools sufficiently to be cut into large sheets.

Hygiene Testing

Bio-luminescence techniques, using photomultiplier modules, are a very powerful method of rapid microbiology to test for harmful bacteria in food, dairy and drink products, food preparation plants and industrial plants.

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