X-ray Sorting for Waste Management

Waste management:
Key growth trends

For decades, the world has discarded valuable rare earth metals embedded in everyday electronic products. With the increasing costs of mining virgin raw materials and the increasing scarcity of these materials, reclamation of these rare earth materials from waste has never been more important.

While many technologies have been presented over the years, sorting materials effectively to maximise material value and comply with new legislation is an ongoing challenge.It is important to consider that regulations may force change in how waste management is handled.

Owing to the increased global focus on recovering rare earth metals, new technologies using X-ray significantly outperform traditional waste management methods in terms of the type and quantity of materials recovered.

Manual sorting, landfill, and incineration were all originally posed as solutions, many of which led to only more challenges, from geopolitics, health and safety to environmental damage. Another angle to consider is all of the recyclable material that gets missed in sorting. On a global scale, time isn’t on our side with the detrimental effects of current waste management techniques and processes. It will require thinking smarter, not harder.

In short, waste simply isn’t being managed in the way that it should, and we have our finger on the pulse of forward-thinking solutions

Waste management challenges

There are several pain points in waste management, many of which have stayed that way for many years. Not only have these caused an evident effect on the environment, but cities and nations worldwide are struggling to keep up.

Some of the most notable trouble areas in waste management include:

  • Shifting regulations on waste sorting requirements
  • Processing rare earth metals is becoming more expensive
  • Restricted offshoring means sorting has to be done locally
  • Waste production is increasing alongside the global population

To bring this all together, the waste management industry is changing faster than traditional sorting practices can manage. From our point of view at Sens Tech, many, if not all, of these challenges can be faced with the help of XRT X-ray technology.

Sens-Tech Solution

We understand that Plant Managers are looking for new solutions, and it’s going to start by coming from the OEM manufacturers. Our LINX linear X-ray sensor detectors make the challenges of manual sorting a thing of the past.

Materials such as wood, plastics, electronics, and metals can be easily detected and sorted. It utilizes a continuous or externally triggered scan on top of simultaneous data acquisition and read-out.

The design comes with a comprehensive range of single and dual-energy detection electronics. Better yet, the expandable signal processing electronics are able to match the speeds of even the fastest sorting lines. Although the technology may be seen as a new integration with potential learning curves, it addresses numerous concerns surrounding the waste management industry.

Partnering with Sens-Tech
Aside from our decades of collective experience, we understand that waste management affects every corner of the globe and a unique list of growing industries have very specific challenges and requirements. Sens-Tech promise prompt, accurate, and repeatable detection of materials that commonly get missed.

Sens-Tech X-ray technology uses application optimised scintillator materials to help separate and identify individual atomic densities of very similar materials. The design behind this technology is adaptable to growing needs in waste management and goes far beyond traditional recycling efforts.

Moreover, we’re able to develop bespoke solutions for manufacturers focused on a variety of industries, including waste management. This includes the agility you need from design to finished product in the world of manufacturing and waste management.

The waste management industry comes with many unique sorting requirements, processes, and techniques. Knowing this, we designed our solutions to meet the needs of many different sorting requirements, whether you’re in the U.K., EU, U.S., Asia or beyond.

On a final note, part of our core at Sens-Tech is supporting our customers beyond inception. We’re dedicated to being there for integration and any ongoing support you and your organization might need moving forward.

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