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What's New?

October 2015

New LINX3 detector system.

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November 2014

New 1.6mm pitch 18 bit XDAS system.

DM0101 Counter timer Module

For counting all sources of TTL pulses but specifically all Sens-Tech TTL photon counting modules.

The DM0101 counter/timer module converts a PC into a high performance pulse counting instrument.  The DM0101 has a 32 bit count capability and includes a microcontroller and RS232 interface to communicate with a host computer.  Software supplied with the module makes the DM0101 perform a sequence of count rate measurements as programmed by the user.

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September 2011

New V3 X-ray Detector Head Boards

• Programmable front end gain setting 1.875 to 15pC in 1.875pC steps

• Programmable front end bandwidth limiting to reduce noise

• Separate gain setting per detector (DH) board

• Separate gain setting for low energy (LE) and high energy (HE) channel banks

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July 2011

New Range of High Voltage Power Supplies, including new 1000V, 2000V, 3000V and 5kV modular power supplies to be launched.

October 2010

Photomultiplier Module with USB interface

A plug and play module for ultra-low light measurements requiring photon detection.

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New LINX Application

A linear X-ray detector,more than 2 metres long and with a pitch of 0.4mm, has been supplied for the inspection of conveyor belts.

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